Nolan Family Education Centre (NFEC)

Nolan Family Education Centre at Vinayak Shikchya Niketan High School, Thimi, Bhaktapur

After the successful establishment of DACMEC, Nolan and Family Education Centre (NFEC) is established as a second project of CanHelp Nepal with the generous support from our donors in Australia. Nolan Family Education Centre (NFEC) is  set up in Vinayak Shikshya Niketan in Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur on 27th September, 2012 inaugurated by Damein Dunn,The First Secretary of Australian Embassy in Nepal.

Madhyapur, Thimi is a homogeneous community. The majority of the population is professionally involved in pottery and agriculture. Most of them are uneducated and have very poor financial background.Thefefore, Madhyapur, Thimi area has been selected to establish Nolan Family Education centre to provide computer knowledge and skills to the local destitute people of Thimi.

In today’s age of Information technology, computer literacy plays a vital role in fostering the skills and creativity of the children which will further empower them to face the challenges of the competitive world.We believe that acquiring the necessary technological knowledge and skill will give an opportunity to the children of this community to better compete with the other children in the competitive job market, support the people to modify their traditional business and help increase the family income.

The center is established with generous support of Dr. Nolan family dedicated to Dr. Nolan’s mother Valerie Nolan who understood the value of education for all children.

The centre is self sustaining since its establishment. In order to raise the running costs of the Centre, it charges minimal amount for its registered users.


The primary objectives of NFEC are as follows:

  1. To enhance the standard and quality of education in the community by providing computer facilities and a library with different educational resources, available to children and their teachers.
  2. Conduct educational workshop, activities and trainings especially in computer to develop IT skills for the children which are essential for them to compete with other privileged children.
  3. Promote and conduct various educational programs which are developed according to the need of the schools in the community.
  4. Provide opportunity to the local disadvantaged people to learn computer technology and develop competency to expand their business


  1. Availability of computers for the use by the members of the centre

There are 20 computers available in DACMEC. The centre provides the updated computer facilities, a printer, and high speed internet access with a power backup system, games and other facilities.

   2.  Access to the centre’s library

Books play an integral part in children’s educational development. Keeping this in mind, DACMEC has a separate section for a library and reading area. Children of the community can visit the library during their free time and spend time there reading their favorite books. Members of the centre are allowed to borrow up to 2 books at a time which they can keep with them for 2 weeks.

  3.  High speed internet access with a power back up system

All the laptops are connected to the high speed internet for quick browsing in the net. There is a proper power back up system to manage the load shedding.

 4.  Printing and Photocopy

The Centre provides photocopy and printing facility direct from the laptop for which a very minimum amount is charged.


Computer classes

In the era of technology, Information Technology aids plenty of resources to enhance the teaching skills and learning ability. We believe that acquiring the necessary technological knowledge and skill will give an opportunity to the underprivileged children to better compete with the other privileged children in the competitive job market, open up future development prospective for their village and hence, help improve the family income. Hence, NFEC has been running regular computer classes for the school children and other extra computer classes from time to time to help its members and other children of the community develop their computer skills. Since most of the children do not have computers at home, they get an opportunity to develop their computer skills through personalized computer classes run by the centre. In addition to this, they also get to learn the advantages and disadvantages of using computers and proper ways to use them for the maximum benefit.