Mission and Objectives


CanHelp Nepal was established with a mission to provide quality educational opportunities for underprivileged children and professional development of their teachers.


The primary objective of the organization is to provide various education related activities to help the children and the teachers of the destitute communities develop their skills necessary to enhance their academic, social and economic conditions.

The main objectives of the organization are as follows:

  1. To design and deliver various education-related activities, training programs, seminars and workshops specifically tailored according to each community’s needs so as to help the children develop expertise, skills and talents and thus uplift the social and economic conditions of the country. These activities will help the children develop self-confidence and will help them stand on their own feet in the future.
  2. To have as a principal focus the education of poor and needy children of various regions of the country such that they have the opportunity to receive levels of education as appropriate to individual abilities and desires.
  3. To develop in children those skills so necessary to facilitate the gaining of employment upon leaving school, such as IT skills, and thus in general raise the technical and entrepreneurial expertise within Nepal.
  4. To raise the level of professional excellence of teachers by the provision of various seminars, training programs and professional development activities according to needs.
  5. To establish Education Centres in various regions of the country. These centres will provide library and computer facilities and various educational activities for children.  The objectives and scope of each Centre will be tailored to the needs and circumstances of each specific geographical location and to the availability of funding.
  6. To sponsor underprivileged children through scholarship programs so that they get an opportunity to go to school and further their education beyond school.
  7. To uplift the economic condition of the society through various skill development projects.
  8. Help the community’s children and their teachers develop the skills necessary to uplift their academic, social and economic conditions.