How can you support?

There are number of ways how you can help the underprivileged children of our community.

a ) One time support : Help us to Establish an Education Centre with a Library:

Any generous person who is willing to establish education centre/s with the vision to help educate the children of the impoverished communities of our country may donate the amount of Nrs. 20,00,000/- or AUD equivalent to the amount for the benevolent act.

Donation in the memory of the loved ones can also be made through which a new education centre will be established in the name of the donor on the selected location. The donation will be used to purchase the computers and the necessary requirements to launch the centre. The donor will only donate the money once in the beginning of the establishment of the centre. The centre will manage the cost to become self-sustainable after a given time of establishment of the centre. The fund provided for the establishment of the centre is a onetime support and after the establishment all of our centres become self sustainable.

b)Book donation

Our Education Centres are established in the impoverished society where the children come from the disadvantaged community who are deprived of the opportunity to read and expand their knowledge. Books Donation can be made for the library of the Education Centres to help these children explore the contents of the books and enjoy the reading which will further help them in acquiring knowledge other than provided in their course books.

c) Activities support

The other community projects like Computer courses and reading programme for the children and career counselling for the students who pass their grade 10 and are ready to move on with their future education can be supported by the donors. Amount of Nrs.30,000/- can be contributed for the noble cause.

d)Sponsor a teacher

Teacher Trainings can also be sponsored to help develop the quality education with well trained teachers in the local community of our country. Training cost for one teacher can be contributed by the donor. A teacher can be sponsored with the amount of Nrs.1,800/-. In this way, a teacher is sponsored to help improve the quality of education and follow progressive method in teaching in the schools.