Financial Arrangements and Sustainability

The organization receives national or international support while conducting the activities. One of the major tenets of CanHelp Nepal is the assurance that money donated goes to the end recipients and makes a positive impact.

  1. CanHelp Nepal is the management entity for both “Capital and Set-Up Costs” and “Operational Revenue and Expenditure” for all Model Education Centers.
  2. Entire funds are initially received in CanHelp Nepal’s account in Nepal.
  3. For each Centre, 10 percent of the total donated fund will be charged by CanHelp and the rest of the amount will be USED for the particular projects.
  4. The donation is used to purchase capital equipment regardless of the scale of the Centre.
  5. For the newly Education Centre, operational expenses will be covered from the fund amount for a certain period after the establishment of the centre until it can sustain itself.
  6. Upon completion of formal operation, each Education Centre will have to pay NRs. 12,000 per year to CanHelp Nepal for follow up, updating of new technologies, support with the educational activities provided by CanHelp Nepal and contribute fund to open new centers.

In order to raise the running costs of the centre and to help it become self-sustainable, the centre charges minimal amount for its registered users. Since the children have to pay only minimal charges, they have an advantage of receiving the services provided by the centre without having to pay commercial rates.

CanHelp Nepal’s education centers have been established with the generous contribution from its Australian supporters. The fund provided for the establishment of the centre is one time support and all of our centers will have to become self sustainable within a year. Different strategies will have to be applied by our centers to help itself become self sustainable.

Membership of an education centre will be provided to the children living near the centre. The membership fee will be charged to its members in accordance to the locality where the centre is located. The centers will also be able to generate income by providing internet service to its members and other community children. In addition, various programs and activities will be provided to the children according to their need basis. This will also help the centers to generate additional income.