David and Carolyn memorial Education Centre (DACMEC I)

David Carolyn Memorial education centre I, Nayabazar, Kathmandu


David and Carolyn Memorial Education Center (DACMEC) in Nayabazar was established as the pilot project of CanHelp Nepal. DACMEC was established on 19th March, 2012 and inaugurated by Mr. Damein Dunn, Acting Australian Ambassador to Nepal with the generous support from our donors Robert and Christine Miles. The Centre provides equal learning opportunities for the underprivileged children of the community. The centre focuses on those groups of children who are deprived of computer education at home and at school. Therefore the centre promotes different educational activities and training, especially in computer literacy to enhance the child centered method in teaching and learning. The centre has a well set up library with a comfortable reading room.

The centre is self sustaining since its establishment. In order to raise the running costs of the Centre, it charges minimal amount from its registered users.


The primary objectives of DACMEC are as follows:

  1. To enhance the standard and quality of education in the community by providing computer facilities and a library with different educational resources, available to children and their teachers.
  2. Conduct educational workshop, activities and trainings especially in computer to develop IT skills for the children which are essential for them to compete with other privileged children.
  3. Promote and conduct various educational programs which are developed according to the need of the schools in the community.
  4. Provide opportunity to the local disadvantaged people to learn computer technology and develop competency to expand their business


Availability of computers for the use by the members of the centre.

There are 20 computers available in DACMEC. The centre provides the updated computer facilities, a printer, high speed internet access with a power backup system, games and other facilities.

1. Access to the centre’s library

Books play an integral part in children’s educational development. Keeping this in mind, DACMEC has a separate section for a library and reading area. Children of the community can visit the library during their free time and spend time there reading their favorite books. Members of the centre are allowed to borrow up to 2 books at a time which they can keep with them for 2 weeks.

2. High speed internet access with a power back up system

All the laptops are connected to the high speed internet for quick browsing in the net. There is a proper power back up system to manage the load shedding.

3.Printing and Photocopy

The Centre provides photocopy and printing facility direct from the laptop for which a very minimum amount is charged.


 1. Computer classes

In this era of technology, Information Technology aids plenty of resources to enhance the teaching skills and learning ability. We believe that acquiring the necessary technological knowledge and skill will give an opportunity to the underprivileged children to better compete with the other privileged children in the competitive job market, open up future development prospective for their village and hence, help improve the family income.

Hence, DACMEC runs computer classes from time to time to help its members and other children of the community develop their computer skills. Since most of the children do not have computers at home, they get an opportunity to develop their computer skills through personalized computer classes run by the centre. In addition to this, they also get to learn the advantages and disadvantages of using computers and proper ways to use them for the maximum benefit.

2. DWSP (Dr. Woodley Scholarship Program)

Dr Woodley Scholarship Program is a new initiative which focuses on computers and information technology and aims to create some role models amongst the student body who are conscientiously learning to touch-type and master the use of computers to benefit their learning and enhance their future job prospects.

Dr. Woodley Sponsorship Program (DWSP) is one of the activities carried out by DACMEC. It starts with the chosen 30 intelligent, high-achieving and conscientious children from our neighboring schools in grades 5, 6 and 7 to attend 3 introductory session of â€œDr Woodley Scholarship Program” held in DACMEC. The student who completed all 3 introductory sessions of DWSP will apply for the scholarship program run via email from 1st April 2012 to 1st October 2012. The children were set to work on a certain touch typing targets and IT learning assignments drawn by Dr. Woodley. There may be a possibility for them to be employed as well.The student of DWSP will be in a regular touch with Dr. Woodley via exchange

3. Story Telling program

Storytelling is an interactive and integrated form of art where language, vocalization, physical movements and gestures are used to convey messages, knowledge and information to the audience in an entertaining way. Storytelling can be very helpful to children in enhancing their vocabulary, listening skills and imaginative skills. Therefore, with this kind of story telling programme DACMEC helps in developing the creative minds of the children in their tender age and attracting them towards reading books.

4. Holiday Fun and Educative program

In today’s society with more nuclear families, when children are at home, they hardly get a chance to interact with other children. Especially during holiday seasons, children are bound to spend a lot of time alone. Without any activities to keep themselves occupied, they mostly spend their time in front of the television. Spending whole day in front of the TV does not help children grow both physically and intellectually. Children get a chance to spend their holiday in a safe environment and at the same time get an opportunity to learn new things if they get a chance to participate in holiday programs especially tailored for their age group.

Holiday fun & educative programs offered by DACMEC are filled with fun and educative classes to keep children occupied during their holidays. The classes of the program are especially modified for children of certain age groups. The fun filled environment of the program allows children to learn new things in an educative and entertaining way making them creative and innovative at the same time. Children get an opportunity to participate equally in the classes while learning from one another. Children also get an opportunity to make new friends and build up the self confidence in them.

5. Movie Shows for educational/moral/entertainment purposes

Movies can be a great source of entertaining and educational tool for the children. Educational videos and documentaries help kids learn vocabulary, spelling, or just about any topic they need and make learning a great experience for kids.

DACMEC, thus organizes a great movie experience for the children of selected age groups so that all the children participating in the program get an opportunity to learn the integrated lessons.