Board of Directors

Santosh Rajbhandari

Santosh Rajbhandari, Nepal


Santosh Rajbhandari is the chairman of CanHelp Nepal. He has been providing his technical expertise to CanHelp Nepal by helping its education centres to fix all of their logistics. He is also an owner of a private business firm which deals with Hospitality and Tourism.

Samjhana Rajbhandari

Samjhana Rajbhandari, Nepal


Samjhana Rajbhandari is the treasurer of CanHelp Nepal. She has been working as an Art Teacher at Nisarga Batika School at Ravibhawan, Kathmandu and Srijana Fine Art College. She is also involved in School of Creative Communication, Nepal Artist Society and Women Artist Group of Nepal (WAGON)

Aratee Shrestha

Aratee Shrestha, Nepal


Aratee Shrestha is the Secretary of CanHelp Nepal. She is also a Program Coordinator in Socio-Economic Welfare Centre for Energetic Women (EWC) and Board member (Treasurer) of Cremation Fund (to support families of extremely low economic condition who are unable to afford the cost of cremating their dead).

Anjira Malakar

Anjira Malakar, Nepal


Anjira Malakar is a member at CanHelp Nepal. She is the Director and Micro Banker Expert at Micro Banker Nepal Pvt. Ltd. She was the Administrator of MicroBanker System at Nepal Bank Ltd. (February 1990 – April 1994)

Rabin Nepali

Rabin Nepali, Nepal

B.B.M, B.Ed.

Rabin Nepali is a member at CanHelp Nepal. He is the Assistant Director/ Director/ Project Director at SOS Children’s Village, Jorpati. He is also National Coordinator of the Fund Raising Program for SOS Children’s Village

Sheela Karki, Nepal


Sheela Karki is a member at CanHelp Nepal. She is the former Deputy Inspector General of Police. She currently works as an IT Freelancer.

Anju (Piya) Shrestha, Nepal


Anju (Piya) Shrestha is a member at CanHelp Nepal. She is the Administrator at Rato Bangla School.