2015 April Earthquake Relief Support



This is a very heartbreaking reality that on 25th April 2015 Saturday at 11:57AM, Nepal faced very destructive earthquake of 7.8 Richter scale which took over thousands of lives around the nation and uncountable destruction of houses, cultural heritages and road. The earthquake which started from 25th April, Saturday has still not been in balanced and the peoples are living in fear of their lives. Many other small rectors’ earthquake is still felt periodically everyday which has been taking away the breath of many people. Death till data so far has crossed 6000 and more details to come.

This unexpected earthquake has taken away the homes of many people and left them homeless. It is very depressing to see how people have to shelter in open grounds and street to under one cover with no food and water supply. Besides living in the fear of upcoming earthquakes, people have not been able to overcome the miserable death of their beloved ones. No related sources have been able to predict and provide accurate information on termination of this earthquake. People are now taking for shelter in the open sky because of the fear.

Our two organizations, Socio-Economic Welfare Centre for Energetic Women (EWC) and CanHelp Nepal is a non-profitable organization established to support the underprivileged people of our society. We have always been dedicated towards development of our society. With the current situation of the country, uncountable people are in need of immediate help. Government and other support aid agency are providing support from their side but still there are unlimited populations in need.

Hence to fulfill our humanitarian responsibilities, we are planning to unite all of our families, colleague, partners, supporters and acquaintances to lend their helping hand to organize a fund raising program to provide support.


  1. Food (6 packet of Instant noodles, 2 kg of beaten rice, two bottles of mineral water)
  2. Water purifier
  3. Mask
  4. Cash support of NRs. 2,000 for their immediate need


  • Phase 1: Sponsored children of EWC (Dhading, Nuwakot, Gorkha, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and Kavre)
  • Phase 2: EWC members (Dhading, Nuwakot, Gorkha, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu)
  • Phase 3: 200 effected families from Nayabazar community
  • Phase 4: 200 effected families from outside Kathmandu valley (Area will be decided by the team members analyzing the need of support)

Based on the fund collection, we will be supporting to more areas as per the need.


Following will be the mode of support:

  1. EWC will contribute NRs. 50,000 from its fund
  2. CanHelp Nepal will contribute NRs. 20,000 from its fund
  3. Donation will be collected from National and international individuals/organizations
  4. We have one Cremation Fund program registered in District Administration Office to support cremation of a needy individual who are economically poor people. From this fund we will contribute NRs. 50,000 which will be provided to only 20 families needing cremation. Each family or individuals will be provided NRs. 2500.


Following will be the procedure of fund collection:

  1. Request email with the concept paper will be sent to related organizations, individuals and relatives of the team members of both the organization
  2. Fund will be collected only through CanHelp Nepal’s bank account
  3. Once received the fund, acknowledgement email/letter will be sent
  4. After distribution activities are done, receipt, report and thank you letter will be sent by email or post


Following will be the procedure of fund distribution:

  1. Prepare the data base of sponsored children, EWC family, people of Nayabazar communities and effected families from outside Kathmandu valley.
  2. Find out and record the situation and select the victims for the support.
  3. Gather the selected people to receive the support or go to the field to distribute
Budget & Expenses Estimation
April 2015 (Baishakh 2072)
S.N Support Collection Details Source Expected NRs. Beneficiaries and Support use details Qty Expense Estimated NRs. Total
1 Canhelp Australia Support to sponsored children family 110 2400 264000
2 EWC (Canhelp Sponsorship Program) 50000 EWC member Family 200 2400 480000
3 CanHelp Nepal 20000 Victim Families from Nayabazar Community 200 2400 480000
4 Other organizations Victim Families from Out of Kathmandu Valley 200 2400 480000
MicroBanker Nepal – YP Fund
Comfort Cooperative
5 Family & Friend
  Total Total     1704000
6 Cremation Fund 50000.00 Support to cremating families 20 2500 50000
  Total Total     1754000

Total beneficiaries: 730

We hope to collect more funds than above is the minimum target to help at least 730 individual or family. In such cases more other needy families will receive the support as much as possible.

Note: The members of Energetic Women Center (EWC) are pre-selected needy people who have been supported by EWC and Canhelp Nepal in the past through various programs to empower them and help through income generation programs and have been providing educational sponsorship to their children. Most of the people who suffered from this calamity are these kinds of people.

Following are the details of the support items:

S.N Expenses Details NRs.
1 Instant Noodles 6 pkt @15 90
2 Beaten Rice 2 kg @70 140
3 Mineral Water 2 bottle @20 40
4 Water purifier 50
5 Mask 50
6 Cash 2000
7 Other expenses 30
  Total 2400

Volunteer will be mobilized for the activities.

Distribution cost of transportation and lunch/snacks for the volunteers will be sponsored by Yadab Pradhan on actual basis.


Jointly initiated by CanHelp Nepal and Socio-Economic Welfare Centre for Energetic Women


The natural calamities like earthquake can occur anytime anywhere with no prior information. On 25th April 2015, the earthquake of 7.8 Richter in Nepal has mercilessly affected over 80 lakh population of Nepal with casualty of 6166 people, injured 13232 people and uncountable destruction of cultural heritages, government offices and houses. The earthquake has left terrible destruction and having difficult to think on how to recover and when it will settle down. It has mentally traumatized the people which will always remain as a nightmare to them. We all are also victim of it including visitors from different countries.

After all this destruction has occurred, realizing our responsibility we have started working to support to face the problem. Immediately after receiving generous offer by our CEO of Canhelp Australia, Mr. Graham Curry to raise a fund for the relief of the victims gave us a hope to wake up and start to fight the difficult situation together.

As an outcome, we came up with an appeal to support the victims of destructive earthquake in Nepal which was circulated to our well wishers. Till now, we are receiving very positive response from all of them and expect to support in more affected areas.

The progress of the process to support till today:

28th April 2015, Tuesday

  • Draft a write up – Appeal to support the victim of destructive earthquake in Nepal and circulate to the team to approve

29th April 2015, Wednesday

  • Revised the write up after receiving suggestions from our well wishers
  • Started circulating the appeal to related people, family, friends and organizations

30th April 2015, Thursday 

  • Held a meeting with Board members and team members of EWC and CanHelp Nepal
  • Information collection of the EWC members, Sponsored children and certain affected area


  • Out of 110 sponsored children, able to contact only 55 children family and out of them 25 children family house were damaged and staying in a open sky under a tent.
  • 30 families are also sheltering in a tent due to the fear of going inside the house

1st May 2015, Friday

  • Continue to contact the EWC members and rest of the sponsored children who were unreachable a day before

Outcome:Contacted 28 children and out of them 8 children families were affected

  • The contacted sponsored children and members were informed to come to the EWC/CanHelp Nepal office to receive the immediate relief support at 11:00am
  • Started collecting the support materials and packing (the materials were difficult to purchase)
  • Continue trying to contact to the other unreachable members


2nd May 2015, Saturday

All the team members started working from 9:00am in the morning. The members and sponsored children arrived in the office at 11:00am. The team registered the members and collected the information on their overall situation after the earthquake. Following activities were carried out:

  • Ms. Prabha (Rajbhandari) Pradhan, Chairperson of EWC/CanHelp Nepal started the program talking about the destruction caused by the earthquake and requesting all the members to pray for the death souls by holding a moment of silence for a minute
  • She gave a short speech of encouragement to the victims to stay strong
  • Distributed following immediate relief support to the EWC members and sponsored children family
  1. Cash support               – NRs. 2000/-
  2. Instant Noodle            – 6pkts
  3. Beaten Rice                 – 1kg
  4. Mineral water              – 2 bottles
  5. Mask                           – 2 pieces
  6. Water purifier              – tablets (one tablet will purify 10 liters of water)

Immediate Relief Pack

Due to the shortage of food and materials in the market, the quantity of beaten rice was reduced from 2kg to 1kg and Mask was reduced from 5 pieces to 2 pieces.

  • Distributed above relief materials to the 47 families and out of them 34 sponsored children and 12 EWC members received the support on the day
  • Prepared more support relief packets for the victims for the next day
  • Call the remaining members and sponsored children to come and receive the support materials for the next day
  • Prepare a plan and write up for the support to other affected areas.

_MG_0049 (Large)_MG_0037 (Large)_MG_0072 (Large)

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3rd May 2015, Sunday

On the second day of execution of distributing the immediate relief support activity, the team actively started their work from 9:30am as usual. The remaining EWC members and Sponsored children came to the office at 11:00am. A group of team registered the arrival of the members. The team spent an hour with the members updating their conditions after the earthquake before
starting the program. Then the members gathered in the hall. Like a day before, the program was formally commenced by Ms. Prabha (Rajbhandari) Pradhan following below activities:

  • She started talking about the destruction caused by the earthquake
  • Hold a minute of silence praying for the death souls
  • Try to figure out the reliefs supports received by the members through other sources up todate. Very few members expressed that they received the tents and food while others have not received anything yet but they don’t know the sources.
  • Distributed the relief items and cash to 48 families
  • Out of total families, 33 sponsored children and 15 EWC members received the support
  • Make more support items packet ready for remaining members and children
  • Inquiry of the remaining members and sponsored children who have not received the support
  • Instructed a team members to visit the Nuwakot to identify the condition as received so many
  • phone calls for help
  • Had a meeting within the team members to thank for their hard work and find out their problems and requirement
  • Announced a holiday on 4th May 2015 as it a government holiday and to give the team a break to bring back the strength for the next day

Day 2 Pic3Day 2 Pic2

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6th May 2015, Wednesday

On the third day of execution of immediate relief support, the team extended its service to the victims out of valley as follow:

  • Distributed the support materials to 9 families of EWC members
  • As per the information and request received from Social Welfare Council to support at Itakhel, Sankhu where no support has been received by the villagers, the team visited the village. It is a small village with 20 household with 75 to 80 people living in. Ms. Uma Shrestha of SWC also agreed to join with the team to visit the area.
  • In this area, the packets of immediate relief item, 10kg of rice pack per family and 6 Tripaal(Canopy) suitable for 8 to 10 people are distributed.

As observed during the visit, almost all the houses of the village were damaged after earthquake so the villagers requested for a tripaal to live in. The overall situation of the village is very depressing but fortunately the villagers are growing potatoes which can help them to survive. They are requesting Tripaal to save their agricultural production for the monsoon, so the team decided to buy 100 tripaal for the villagers. Hope this tripaals will help them to save their head, food stuffs and survived animals.


20150506_133142 (Large)20150506_134406 (Large)20150506_144542 (Large)

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7th May 2015, Thursday

It was 13th day of massive earthquake that took place in Nepal and people still fear due to multiple aftershocks that occur every day. Some of the people from affected areas and small villages that have not received any relief yet from any other sources. On received information and request from one of the local resident of Okharpauwa, Nuwakot Ms. Devaki Ghimire to support some relief items for 15 families of the area, the team visited the site with support materials at 1PM and carried out following activities:

  • The group of 15 families who didn’t received any support yet welcomed the team with lots of hope within.
  • The team walked up in the hills to observe the real situation of the villagers and houses.
  • Interacted with the adults, children, senior citizens of the village to know their feeling after the earthquake
  • Distributed following immediate relief items to the 15 targeted families, 1 Tripaal, 1 food packet, 5kg rice and 1kg sugar to each families
  • Additionally, based on the need of the women with small children (aged below 4 years) 2 small tents were provided to the family and some medicine as per the requirement. The remaining packet of medicine was handed over to Ms. Devaki Ghimire to distribute the medicine as per the need of the villagers.

20150507_150833 (Large)20150507_152254 (Large)20150507_152758 (Large)

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8th May 2015, Friday

On 8th May 2015, 33 EWC members were distributed the immediate relief items. After the distribution program, the team prepared the more relief items to be distributed at Nuwakot and Kavre on 9th and 10th May 2015.

9th May 2015, Saturday

The situation after the earthquake has still not settled yet. The media has still been reporting about the multiple aftershocks of below 5 Richter everyday that has increased terror within the people. Most of the people have not been able to start their normal life due to great losses of infrastructure and beloved ones. The rubble after earthquake has still not been able to clean for the people to start their regular life. As this is the time of crisis for the whole nation, the team has been vigorously working day and night.

As received the information from one of the staff of Milap Cooperative, Mr. Rajan Giri to support the villagers of Halle Kalika VDC, Ward number 1, 5 and 6 of Nuwakot district, the team visited the village to distribute the immediate relief items. At the same time, the team also visited to Bidur Municipality, Nuwakot to visit the members of EWC and carried out following activities.

  • The team gathered in EWC/CanHelp Nepal at 5:30AM and moved to Nuwakot.
  • Reached to Nuwakot at 10:00AM and moved to Halle Kalika VDC with Mr. Rajan Giri (information provider) which is 1 hour drive through graveled road from Nuwakot, Bidur municipality
  • Distributed relief items at Halle Kalika VDC 1, 5 and 6 to 128 families.
  • After distributing the relief items, the team walked to next VDC and distributed the relief items to the respective families and some medicine.
  • Then the team returned back to Nuwakot where the EWC group members (Radha Krishna Group of Nuwakot) were gathered for the activity. The situation around the village was very miserable as almost all the houses were destroyed and the people there were still living under the open sky.
  • Prabha greeted the members with heartfelt condolence on a tragic loss of one of the member of the group who lost her life in the earthquake. It was very sensitive moment for entire members presented in the program.
  • After having a small interaction with the members and update on their condition, the entire people presented in the ground hold a minute of silence for the souls who lost their life.
  • Distributed the relief items and NRs. 2000 cash with some medicines to each member. Some of the medicines were handed over to Ms. Sharmila Shrestha, leader of the group which can be used as per the need.
  • Then the team returned back to Kathmandu at 5:00 PM from Nuwakot and reached Kathmandu at 8:00PM.

After the continuous distribution activity that started from 2nd May 2015, the team decided to hold the distribution until the date for next site at Kavre is decided. After concluding distributing the immediate relief items, the team will focus on investing for a long term support to build infrastructure of schools and IT centres.


18th May 2015, Monday

After passing many days from the massive earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April 2015, people started limping into the normal life until they knew another huge magnitude aftershock will hit the country again. On 12th May 2015, 6.8 Richter magnitude of aftershock again destroyed many houses, left hundreds of casualties and affected several areas in crisis.

Amongst several affected places, Kavrepalanchowk was in desperate need of help. In this period, our kind contributors from Huawei India helped us with Food, Tripaal and blankets from India under the leadership of Mr. Umesh Rauniyar (Huawei). With the support and encouragement of Mr. Umesh with friends and Mr. Ashok Shrestha from Community Development Relief Agency Banepa (CDRA), the team moved to the school to distribute the relief items for the children’s and teacher’s family. Following activities were carried out in the area:

  • Meet the principal and explain him about the relief items to be distributed in need basis so that no one returns empty hand.
  • Distinguished people from 9 wards into 9 different lines representing one family member from each family.
  • Prepared a Bucket food for each family. Buckets were supported by Mr. Ashok Shrestha of CDRA.
  • Distributed the relief items to the family. On the other side, the team also provided a packet of biscuits to the small children of the school.
  • Handed over the Tripaal and blankets to the Mr. Ganesh Parajuli, Principal of the school to run the school classes as almost all the building of the schools were damaged due to the earthquake. The blankets will be distributed by the school to the families as per their requirement.
  • Returned back to Kathmandu.


22nd May 2015, Friday

One amongst our four IT Education Centres established by CanHelp Nepal is located at Shree Bhuwoneshwori Lower Secondary School, Panchkhal, Kavre. The area is poorly affected by the earthquake. Information is received that several relief agencies have tried to help the people but the massive destruction is very hard to heal up. Any kind of help is appreciable in the situation.

In coordination with the principal of the school, Mr. Bal Bahadur Kunwar, the team visited the school with some relief items as much we can provide. Following activities were carried out in the area:

  • Meet the principal and teachers of the school and discuss the distribution of materials to the family in a need basis.
  • According to the list provided by the school team, the people were requested to line up.
  • Explained about the availability of the relief materials and distributing procedure.
  • Call out the names of family representatives and distributed the relief items as per the necessities.
  • On the other side, the small children presented in the ground were distributed a chocolate each.
  • Collected the list of families receiving the relief items and depart from the school.


Details of   Cash Donation
Immediate Relief Support for the Victims of Destructive Earthquake in Nepal
Jointly initiated by CanHelp Nepal and Socio-Economic Welfare Centre for Energetic Women
Serial No. Date(A.D) Date(B.S) Support Support Amount (NRs)
1 3rd May’15 20 Baishak ’72 Canhelp Australia 428550.00
2 5th May’15 22 Baishak ’72 Yadab Lal Pradhan 200000.00
3 5th May’15 22 Baishak ’72 K.Helene/Prasart, Thailand 61400.00
4 5th May’15 22 Baishak ’72 K.Prof Srisak Valipotames, Thailand 10148.00
5 5th May’15 22 Baishak ’72 FAO, Microbanker & Thai Friends 131924.00
6 5th May’15 22 Baishak ’72 Mr. Bernd Krueckeberg, Gemany 5080.00
7 5th May’15 22 Baishak ’72 Khun Pitiwan, Thailand 10148.00
8 6th May’15 23 Baishak ’72 Ms. Shanti Pradhan 5000.00
9 6th May’15 23 Baishak ’72 Ms. Ajita Singh & Family 5000.00
10 6th May’15 23 Baishak ’72 Uma & Famely 5000.00
11 6th May’15 23 Baishak ’72 EWC & Canhelp Team 13500.00
12 6th May’15 23 Baishak ’72 Bijaya & Family 5100.00
13 6th May’15 23 Baishak ’72 Ranjana Gurung 700.00
14 7th May’15 24 Baishak ’72 Renuka Limbu 2000.00
15 7th May’15 24 Baishak ’72 Nina Amatya 5000.00
16 8th May’15 25 Baishak ’72 Sajana Shrestha 1500.00
17 8th May’15 25 Baishak ’72 Sandhya Shrestha 1500.00
18 8th May’15 25 Baishak ’72 Comfort Co-Operative 100000.00
19 9th May’15 26 Baishak ’72 Prerana Singh 5000.00
20 9th May’15 29 Baishak ’72 Janani Shrestha 5000.00
21 17th May’15 3 Jesthak ’72 Huawei Employee India 184800.00
22 6th May’15 23 Baishak ’72 Micro Banker Nepal Team 122000.00
23 7th May’15 24 Baishak ’72 Kathryn & Friends 485114.40
24 7th May’15 24 Baishak ’72 Canhelp Australia 353129.20
25 28th May’15 14th Jestha ’72 Canhelp Australia 234506.00
26 9th June ’15 26th Jestha ’72 K.Helene/Prasart, Thailand 30000.00
27 3rd June ’15 20th Jestha ’72 Global Education, Community Service, Glenelg Country School 295828.76
Totals 2706928.36

Immediate Relief Support for the Victims of Destructive Earthquake in Nepal
Jointely initiated by CanHelp Nepal and Socio-Economic Welfare Centre for Energetic Women
Kind Support Details
Serial No. Support From Detail Qty Units
1 FAO, Micro Banker & Thai Friends, Bangkok, Thailand Handpro Examination Glove 600 Pcs
Masks 1450 Pcs
Hand Sanitizer 10 Bottle
Medicines 2 Boxes
Pickles 36 Pcs
Tents 12 Pcs
Tomatos Ketchup 100 Sachets
Tent for 2 People 16 Pcs
Tent for 6 People 16 Pcs
Injection Ceftriaxone 250 Vials
Sodium Chloride 0.9% 1000 ml 5 Boxes
NSS K&K 1 Box
9-12 instant noodles 24 Pkts
Rice porridge 16 Pkts
Plastic Sheet 6 Pcs
Plastic Bag 4 Pkts
Cotton ball 10 Pkts
Blue Blanket 1 Pcs
Mask 2000 Pcs
Soft and safe (Sanitary Pad) 25 Pkts
Noodles 450 Pcs
Soup 240 Pcs
Stretch Bandage Size 4″ 12 Pkts
Stretch Bandage Size 2″ 12 Pkts
2 Ajita Singh & Family Mask 50 Pcs
Beaten Rice 20 kg
Sugar 10 kg
3 Prem Shrestha 6/8 plastick sheet 30 Pcs
4 Reva Shrestha Tripal 2 Pcs
5 Shailendra Sigdel Beaten rice 50 kg
Soyabean Nuggets 10 kg
Sugar 15 kg
6 Lumbini Corridor (C/O Santosh Rajbhandari) 18/12 Tripal 9 Pcs
Beaten rice 150 kg
Dalmoth 30 kg
7 Huawei Employee India Tripal 268 Pcs
Blankets 218 Pcs
Mandi 133 Pcs
Clothes 1 box
Food 3 box


Kind Support Details
Immediate Relief Support for the Victims of Destructive Earthquake in Nepal
Jointely initiated by CanHelp Nepal and Socio-Economic Welfare Centre for Energetic Women
Serial No. Support From Details
1 Badri Lal Shrestha, Balaju Transportation support to carry the goods to Halde VDC, Nuwakot
2 Rajendra Shrestha, Nuwakot Lunch Support for the team while visiting Halde VDC, Nuwakot
3 Yadab Lal Pradhan Transportation support to Okkharpauwa and Itakhel
4 Prakash Man Pradhan Transportation support to Okkharpauwa
5 Dinesh Rajbhandari Transportation support for airport pick up of support items
6 Samjhana Rajbhandari Conducted Voluntary Art Therapy Activity
7 Micro Banker Staff Transportation (Bike) to Itakhel
8 Rikesh Khadka First Aid Packets 25 pkts
9 Bikram Gurung – MBN Design and Update of the website


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